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The last couple of days have been exceptionally intriguing. I am not a political specialist, yet in a city like Havana you can ´ t assistance yet be confronted with national politics. Almost everywhere you see billboards with political slogans, monuments of heroes that were significant in Cuba ´ s history, pictures of Che Guevara and also Fidel Castro, as well as the Cuban Revolution along with the here and now financial conditions are omnipresent subjects of discussion.
I have reviewed a great deal regarding Cuba as well as attempted to speak with as lots of people as feasible and there are a couple of things that have taken shape in my mind as general perceptions of Cuba. Once again, these are my individual impacts and they are most definitely not based upon clinical reality, however nonetheless I will certainly share them with you.
Cubans are fiercely pleased as well as independent individuals and also more than anything they insist on preserving their nationwide self-reliance and also sovereignty. At various times throughout background Cuba was controlled by the Spanish, the English or the Americans and because the Cuban Revolution in 1959 Cubans have had self-reliance for the very first time in history. Certainly, Cubans avowed political opponent is the US government, but I have actually heard many people claim that they have absolutely nothing against the American people, their concerns are with the United States government and in particular the embargo as well as the traveling limitations for Cubans residing in the United States. Obviously, loved ones of Cuban families are currently just permitted to take a trip to Cuba once every 3 years, so the plans were tightened up considerably by the United States federal government in recent times.
The results of the embargo and the economic shortages are visible almost everywhere, buildings are falling apart, there is not enough construction product, healthcare facilities are lacking in equipment, and individual revenue is extremely reduced (eg. in between $ 8 and also $20 a month …). Therefore, everybody is compelled to open a little side business. During the last few days I have actually listened to that it is exceptionally common in Cuba to swipe sources from the State because all financial task including retail is nationalized.
People steal cosmetics, health products, concrete, timber, computers, stogies, whatever that is not absolutely pin down. They market the items independently under the table. It is oddly ironic that in a Communist nation, everybody has actually turned into an entrepreneur … The expression that I have listened to is ¨ hay the inventar ¨, you need to design things – be imaginative in order to make it through.
This mindset materializes itself in some very evident methods: the other day Pedro as well as I tried to enter into the Partagas Tobacco Factory considering that I wanted to take place an excursion. The security guard informed us that a staff member had actually died which therefore the factory was shut. Under his breath, he asked us if we wanted to purchase a box of cigars. How incredible: the security guard securing the tobacco manufacturing facility is selling (stolen) cigars on the black market.
Additionally, just outside the Capitol building, Havana ´ s most astonishing and most popular architectural jewel, there is an attractive park with exotic flowers, shadowy trees and benches. And mostly all the benches are missing their wooden slats, on the seat, the backrest or both. And also these benches are located right outside Cuba ´ s most popular structure! Today I received the description that high quality wood is exceptionally tough to get which individuals just aid themselves … The number and kinds of exclusive entrepreneurial plans are as well big to state. Just a couple of are legal, for instance the paladares (private restaurants in private homes), the casas particulares (b and b) as well as different kinds of private taxis. Yet aside from this handful of officially permitted private enterprises, essentially everyone in this nation has become an entrepreneur. Any person that possesses a vehicle and also vehicle ownership is very limited here, utilizes it to offer a lift to people, gets guests at a street edge as well as drops them off 20 minutes later on in return for 10 Pesos, all loan made under the table.
All these points are oddly ironic to me, because Cuba officially is a Communist nation, where private property and also capitalism are all but restricted, yet in order to survive the entire populace has developed into an army of entrepreneurs.
On the various other hand, Cuba has attained remarkable achievements, for a little, third-world Carribean nation. Near to 100% of Cuba ´ s populace is literate, public education is available to everyone. Black individuals and females in particular have gained from the effects of the revoluation. The health care as well as education system are among the most industrialized systems in the 3rd world, and also Cuba ´ s life expectancy and infant mortality rates are amongst the best of the globe. Additionally, post-revolutionary Cuba has likewise devoted itself to promoting sporting activity and athleticism and also today Cuba masters many different sporting activities (track and also area, baseball, basketball, volleyball, secure fencing as well as others) on a worldwide level.
So in conclusion, the Cuban Revolution has had some astoundingly favorable results on the nation, despite all the challenges that individuals still experience. However, it seems that there is a little of positive outlook in the air, given that Cuba authorized trade arrangements with Venezuela, numerous other Latin American nations and China. As well as of course fantastic hope is positioned in Cuba ´ s tourist industry.
Nevertheless, on the other hand, you have to remember that Cuba is still a dictatorship, a totalitarian regimen and also civils rights and also individual flexibilities are limited right here. There is a palpable fear right here amongst people because they are afraid of openly slamming the program. And companies like the CDR, the Comite de la Defensa de la Revolution, commonly serve as guard dogs and informers on individuals. Travel is very limited or impossible, and there are no main techniques of criticizing the government.
This short bit of time has been excellent in providing me an insight into Cuban culture, national politics and also business economics, and my courses at the university are terrific because my colleagues also include in a very interesting conversation. We discuss and also contrast the Scandinavian, Cuban and Canadian health systems, political systems, information media as well as economic plans and all this has actually truly been a mind-blowing experience.


At different times throughout history Cuba was dominated by the Spanish, the English or the Americans and also given that the Cuban Revolution in 1959 Cubans have actually had self-determination for the initial time in background. Obviously, relatives of Cuban families are currently just allowed to take a trip to Cuba when every 3 years, so the policies were tightened up significantly by the US federal government in current times.
During the last couple of days I have actually heard that it is exceptionally usual in Cuba to steal resources from the State since all economic task consisting of retail is nationalized.
In addition, post-revolutionary Cuba has actually additionally committed itself to advertising sport and also athleticism and also today Cuba succeeds in lots of various sporting activities (track and field, baseball, basketball, beach ball, fence as well as others) on an international level.
It appears that there is a little bit of optimism in the air, considering that Cuba authorized profession contracts with Venezuela, numerous other Latin American countries as well as China.