What is it with Cuban Cigars?

Source: Flickr

It is considered by many to be such a shame that such magnificent tobacco planters ended in Cuba. Because with all the controversy that happened regarding Cuban cigars and the United States Trade Embargo, all it did was to drag the prices of Cuban cigars way out of reach from the common man’s purse.

Yet, with all due respect, Cuban cigars ranked so highly in every cigar aficionados indulgences.

Cuba, like all Caribbean islands, bore the most arable soil perhaps in the whole world. No other climate can divest such nutrients into the soil than the micro climate of the Caribbean. If you aren’t convinced, try having a nature’s walk down the paths of any islands found in the Caribbean. You’ll find the Cuban tobacco planter’s secret, a rich dark soil. Laying closest to the Tropic of Cancer, Cuba is blessed with a relative humidity of 79%, a cool year round temperature of 25ºC with seasonal rainfall. Extraordinary climatic features of lands like this could never be bettered elsewhere.

Then came the Spaniards during the time of the Conquistadores. Vying for control amongst the number of Caribbean island with the olden world powers at that time, Spain had controlled a number of the islands but they have firm hold of the Havana. Then came migrating farmers who started producing luxury items like sugar, tobacco, and cotton for use of the people of Spain. Nothing changed since then.

All in all, Cuba had experience of several centuries for tobacco planting. No other culture has succeeded in tobacco cultivation than the people of Cuba. That’s why even with the United States Embargo, the sprouting up of numbers of rival tobacco plantation around the island of the Caribbean, Honduras, Dominican Republic…etc..etc and other parts of the globe, cigar aficionados can still point a finger to Cuba has having the best cigar experience of them all.

But perhaps the only thing that prevents this luxury, the Cuban cigar, from reaching the masses is it’s also being born in Cuba, because it is also where Fidel Castro will exist. Such a shame, really, that price should go up as a consequence of the embargo, and the nationalization of several Cuban cigar companies.

Though considered expensive, Cuban cigars still rank the best and quality and workmanship-wise, hardly anything comes close. So enjoy your Cuban cigars, because it is one of the most enduring cigars in the whole world.