Belinda Cigars


One of the most beautiful names that Cuba has ever produced is Belinda. The name Evita of Argentina pales in comparison to Cuba’s Belinda. Both names have an avid following, but the former used to live in scandals and intrigues while the latter up until this day continues to mesmerize many cigar aficionados because of its charm, allure, taste and aroma. Evita had long time ago rested in peace and her popularity had died a natural death. Belinda on the other hand is still looked up to by many. The comparison


Belinda is not your ordinary girls’ name. Don’t mistake her for a dictator’s concubine. In fact when the infamous Fidel Castro declared communist rule all over Cuba, Belinda must have been one of those who flew away and sought solace from the calming mountains of Honduras. Belinda is the name of famous Cuban cigar that many cigar smokers fell in love with. Belinda cigars are now manufactured in Honduras yet following the same tradition that the Cuban cigar rollers practice over the years that make Cuban cigar unparalleled.

Belinda cigars are made from the same Cuban tobacco seeds that the Cuban tobacco farmers brought with them during the Cuban revolution. These tobacco seeds are cultivated and nurtured in the accommodating mountains of Honduras. The Belinda cigars today are the same Belinda cigars from the Cuban upheaval era; only there is no denying the fact that the old Belinda cigars got better as they aged especially those that survived the harsh uprising period. But that doesn’t mean that the Belinda’s from Honduras are in any way lesser in quality compare to the old ones.

The hands that made the Belinda’s from Cuba are the same hands that rolled the Belinda’s in Honduras today. These high-premium grade cigar are made from long tobacco leaves carefully hand rolled to preserve the bouquet that smells like spice and to keep the flavor taste the surely lingers after many hours. The fillers are from Honduras, though Dominican leaves are sometimes used. The binder and the wrapper are both from Honduras, however an Ecuador grown tobacco leaves are occasionally used as wrappers.

The famous manufacturer of this precious piece—the Estelo Padron, the company that brought Belinda cigars back to life is to keen to notice that a good cedar box, especially the Spanish cedar will make the cigar more tasteful and smell better, giving them woody finish.

Today, the famous Belinda comes in different shapes and sizes. The brand recognition among cigar smokers is a phenomenon in its own right. By now Cuba must have been so worried and proud of their daughter. Proud because the Belinda it once had is making waves in other countries, worried because it should have been the one benefiting from her success.